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Trip reports and Photo albums

Trip reports

Mainly about his diving experiences of diving and snorkelling in Cayman. Went with Ocean Frontiers in the East End. Also visited the Turtle Far, Butterfly Farm and Stingray City. Ate out at The Lighthouse, Restaurante Papagallo, Reef Grill, Calypso Grill, The Wharf and Over The Edge.

Did some unusual trips when in Cayman. Did an island helicopter tour with Cayman Helicopters, and the Sunset Tour and Bioluminescence Tour with Cayman Kayaks. Visited Stingray City with Captain Marvin.

Newspaper travel report from the Daily Telegraph

Stayed at Discovery Point Club. Rented a car from Andy's. Ate out at Lone Star, Hard Rock, Neptune. Visited Stingray City with Soto's Cruises.

Five day trip to Cayman, with a lot of their time spent at the Black Pearl Skate park. Ate out at Breezes, Castaways, Davey Jones Locker, Over The Edge and Coconut Joe's. Visited Hell, Turtle Farm, Rum Point and Stingray City with Captain Marvin's. Their photos are at Cayman Islands Photos - by Louie and Ab

Spent a week at the Courtyard Marriott. Ate out at Pappagallos. We also ate at Reef Grill, Meza, Champion House, Calypso Grill and Miss Corrita's Silver Sands. Went snorkeling with Capt Clinton aboard his Seastar 3 catamaran.

My first return to Cayman post Hurriceane Ivan. Included a side trip to Cuba.

Stayed at the Reef Resort. Pre-booked a hire car from Budget (no cars available for walk ins). Comments on how the island looks post Hurricane Ivan

This report documents some of the observations and thoughts experienced on their trip to the island of Grand Cayman aboard the Cayman Aggressor IV from November 6 through November 13, 2004. Includes some excellent underwater photos.

Stayed at London House. Went to Stingray City with Cayman Divers. Ate out at Ragazzi, Restaurant Pappagallo, Calypso, Ottmar's, Hemingway's, The Treehouse, Cafe del Sol, Rum Point, Reef Grill and Ye Old English Bakery.

Brief report and photos of their trip. Stayed at the Villas of The Galleon. Ate out at Decker's, Coconut Joe's, Eats/Legends and Rum Point Grill. Did the Stingray City tour with Captain Marvin.

Stayed at Plantana. Ate out at the Treehouse, Cracked Conch, Coconut Joe's, Reef Grill, Sunshine Suites, the Wharf, Casanova's and Antica Gelateria for ice cream! Went snorkeling at Turtle Farm, Rum Point, Cemetery Reef, Beach Bay in Bodden Town, Smith's Cove past George Town, and Eden Rock and the day trip to Stingray City with Captain Marvin.

Stayed at Sea Cliff Resort. Rented a car from McCurley's. Ate out at the Hard Rock Cafe, Marriott Courtyard Breakfast Buffet, Cracked Conch. Visited Stingray City with Soto's, and had a family photo session with Lucy Best.

Brief trip report. Stayed at Discovery Point and rented a car from Andy's. Ate out at the Reef Grill, Hook's, Decker's, Papagallo's, Thai Orchid, Yoshi Sushi, and Havana Vieja. Visited Stingray City with Soto's.

Stayed at the Marriott Courtyard. Visited Stingray City Sandbar with Capt Clinton Ebanks. Ate out at Pappagalo's, Reef Grill, Cafe Med, Eats and Silver Sands.

Stayed at the Marriott Couryard. Ate out at Smuggler’s Cove, Casanova, Lighthouse, Grand Old House, the Reef Grill, Pappagallo, The Wharf, Le Bodega, Hemingways in the Hyatt, Treehouse, Cracked Conch By the Sea and Eats. Went diving with Off The Wall Divers.

Stayed at the Treasure Island. Ate out at the Reef Grill, Athenas/Hooks, Breezes By The Bay, Aqua Beach, Cracked Conch, Eduardo's, Eats, and Deskers. Spent most evening listening to the music at the Royal Palms. Hired a BMW for the day from GT Autos to tour the island.

Stayed at the Marriott. Rented a car from Andy's. Ate out at the Cracked Conch, The Wharf, Casanova's and The Lighthouse. Went snorkeling at Smith's Cove, and visited Stingray City with Stingray City Tours.

Stayed in a condo at Northside Condos. Rented a car from Island Style. Did the all-day trip to the Barrier Reef, Coral Gardens and Stingray City Sandbar with Captain Marvin's. Ate out at Driftwood, Papagallo's, Cimboco, The Reef Resort and Over the Edge, but had a bad experience at Chicken! Chicken! Watched Barefoot Man at The Reef Resort. Went snorkeling at Smith's Code, Cemetery Reef, Eden Rock and in front of the Northside Condos.

Stayed at Treasure Island Condos. Rented a car from Andy's. Ate out at Chicken! Chicken!, the Luau at Comfort Suites, Corita's Silver Sands, Durty Reids, Kaibo Yacht Club. Did Stingray City with Don Foster's.

Stayed at the Turtle Nest Inn near Bodden Town. Visited Stingray City, the reef and Coral Gardens with Frank's Watersports. Went snorkleling at Eden Rock, the Turtle Farm, Cemetery Reef and at the Governor's Mansion. Ate out at the Hard Rock Cafe, Crow's Nest, Casanova's and Viviene's.

In Cayman for a long weekend. Stayed at Regal Beach Club and rented a car from Andy's. Ate out at Deckers, Coffee Grinder, Pirate's Buffet at the Marriott, Eduardo's and My Bar at Sunset House.

An unusual trip report as Jim and Norma are a non-scuba senior couple making their first trip to Cayman Brac. Looking for somewhere to celebrate their 25th Anniversary, they chose Cayman Brac because they prefer low key vacations. Some general advice and views from their trip, impressions on who the island would be suitable for, understanding of why it is so expensive and including costs for some of their meals out.

Visiting Grand Cayman to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Rented a car from Andy's, but when they arrived they were allocated a Suzuki Vitara for the same price. Stayed at the Marriott. Ate out at Coconut Joe's, Bamboo, Lone Star, Decker's, Eats Cafe, Pirate's Buffet at the Marriott, Breezes by the Bay, Reef Grill, Bed, Papagallo and the Wharf. Visited the Turtle Farm, Rum Point, Hell, the Butterfly Farm, and took a half-day snorkel trip to Stingray City Sandbar, etc with Soto's Cruises.

Rented a Jeep from Andy's. Ate out at Breezes, the Reef (and saw Barfoot Man perform), Liberty's (not impressed with the Xmas buffet), Marriott, Decker's, Cracked Conch, Coconut Joe's, and Smuggler's Cove. Snorkeled at Cemetery Reef, Turtle Reef, Smith's Cove, Eden Rock, Wreck of the Gamma, Wreck of the Cali and Governor's Reef. Also took the Stingray City all-day trip with Captain Marvin's, and Tina's husband went diving with Dive Tech. Also went on the Jolly Roger sunset cruise.

Visited Cayman for her wedding and honeymoon. Stayed at Villas of the Galleon. Ate out at Coconut Joe's, Bed, Bamboo, Eats, Cracked Conch and Smuggler's Cove. Visited Stingray City with Captain Marvin's, deep sea fishing, part of the Mastic Trail, Rum Point. Did a resort scuba course with Off The Wall Divers. Got married on the beach at Villas of the Galleon, with their reception at the Reef Grill.

Stayed at Plantana and rented a car from Hertz. Snorkeled off the beach at Plantana, Cemetery Reef, Smiths Cove, near Bodden town, and Rum Point. Ate out at the Lighthouse, Rum Point, Pappagallos, Lobster Pot, Wharf, Smugglers Cove and Champagne brunch at the Hyatt.

Stayed at the Marriott. Hired a car from Avis. Ate out at Coconut Joe's, The Cracked Conch, The Reef Grill, The Lighthouse, Chicken Chicken!, Jolly Roger sunset dinner cruise, Papaggallos, The Edge and the Pirate's Buffet at the Marriott. Went to the night club at The Next Level. Went on the Stingray City trip with Captain Crosby Ebanks. Went snorkeling at Cemetery Reef, the Turtle Farm and Smith's Cove. Hired scuba kit for a shore dive from Don Fosters and did a boat dive with them as well. Also visited Kaibo Yacht Club, Rum Point, The Botannical Gardens and George Town for shopping.

Stayed at Beachcomber Condos. Visited Stingray City with Captain Marvin and was disappointed in Hell and the Turtle Farm. Ate out at Deckers "All You Can Eat Lobster", Calypso Grill, Reef Grill, Smugglers Cove, Grand Old House, Ferdinand's, Eats, and Rackham's Pub. For nightlife went out to Royal Palms, and was pick-pocketed at The Next Level. Used taxis and the mini busses to get around.

Stayed in a villa on the North Side. Ate at The Edge, Over the Edge, Rackham's Pub and the Lighthouse. Made two trips to Stingray City - both with Bob Sottos. Went snorkeling at Eden's Rock, the Wreck of the Cali and Cemetary Reef. This report has quite a few follow-up posts worth checking out as well.

Stayed at the Treasure Island Resort. Ate out at Vivine's Kitchen, Mezza, PD's, Smuggler's Cove, Cracked Conch, Myrtles adn John's BBQ. Snorkeled at Eden Rock, Cemetery Reef, Smith's Cove, Public Beach, Turtle Farm and Colliers. visited Stingray City, Coral Gardens and the Reef twice - with Bob Sotto and Frank's Watersports.

Stayed at Treasure Island Resort. Ate out at Deckers, Eats (for breakfast), Fidel Murphy's, the English Bakery, Bella Carpi, Rum Point, Outback Steakhouse, Crasked Conch, The Wharf, and Hooks. Went snorkeling at Cemetery Reef, Rum Point and Eden Rock. Took the Nautilus submarine ride, visited Stingray City with Captain Dexter, and used Internet facilities at Café del Sol.

Stayed at Nautilus Cottages. Used the minibus service to get around. Ate out at Liberty's, the English Bakery and Corita’s Silver Sands in West Bay

Stayed at Discovery Point and rented a 4WD from Andy's. Went snorkeling and took Captain Marvin's West Side snorkel trip. Ate out at Decker's, My Bar, Wreck Bar and Cracked Conch.

Stayed at London House and rented a car from Budget. Ate out at Reef Grill, Bed, Rum Point, Coffee Grinder and Cracked Conch. Went to Stingray City with Captain Dexter's, and snorkeled on Seven Mile Beach, Cemetery Reef, Rum Point and Smith's Cove. Also did some shopping in George Town.

Stayed at Aqua Bay Club. Ate out Calypso Grill, Pappagallo, The Lighthouse, The Grand Ole House, Cracked Conch and Sunset House. Played golf at The Links at Safehaven.

Stayed at Seagul condos. Hired a jeep from Andy's. Visited Stingray City with Captain Dexter's, the Turtle Farm and Rum Cake Factory, Hell, the Botanical Garden and the blow holes. Ate out at Chicken! Chicken!, The Wharf, Decker's, Cracked Conch, the Lighthouse, Reef Grill, Smuggler's Cove and Hook's. Went snorkeling at Rum Point, Devil's Grotto and Eden Rock and Cemetery beach.

Stayed at Sunshine Suites and Villas of the Galleon. Went snokeling at Governor's House. Ate out at Eats and Paradise Grill

Stayed at Aqua Bay Club. Went snorkeling at Cemetery Reef and Eden Rock, and went to Stingray City with Captain Dexter.

Stayed at the Westin. Hired a car from Andy's. Visited Stingray City with Captain Dexter's, went parasailing with Pro Parasail. Was in George Town for the Pirate's Week closing ceremonies. Ate out at Chicken, Chicken!, Eats Café, the Lobster Pot, Cimboco and Ferdinand's.

Checking out both ends of the spectrum of holiday accommodation on Grand Cayman. Stayed at the Harbour View and the Westin, but also checked out the Turtle Nest Inn, Treasure Island and Cobalt Coast and the Marriott. Ate out at The Wharf, the Almond Tree and Chicken! Chicken!. Visited Stingray City and the Turtle Farm.

Visiting the island to fix-up their property, but also to do some diving. Ate out at the Lazy Lizard, the Reef Grill, Kaibo Yacht Club and the Outback Steakhouse. Went diving with Ebanks Diving, Cayman Diving Lodge and Divetech for his Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver certificates. Locations dived included Eden Rock, Oro Verde, Cobalt Coast, Sunset House, Seaview and Stingray City. Also went riding with Pampered Ponies.

Stayed at the Coralstone Club and hired a van from Dollar. Ate out at the Outback Steakhouse, the Crow's Nest, Rum Point, Rackham's Grill & Bar, Lobster Pot and Cracked Conch. Visited the Turtle Farm, Hell, Blowholes and Stingray City etc with Captain Marvin.

Stayed at Cassa Caribe condos. Rented a convertible from Marshall's. Went snorkeling with Captain Dexter's twice and snorkeled at Eden Rock, Sunset House, and Paradise reef. Played golf at the Sunrise Family Golf Centre in Newlands and went on the sunset sail with Red Sail Sports. Ate out at the Calypso Grill, Crows Nest, Reef Grill, Bed, Cimboco, Bamboo, Naked Fish, Almond Tree, and Casanova's.

Stayed at the Turtle Nest Inn (TNI), and then at the Westin. Rented a car from Budget. Ate out at The Edge, Vesuvio, TNI for their weekly Indian dinner, Miss Vivine's, Eats Café, Decker's and Smuggler's Cove. Went to Healing Hands for a massage, and Café Sol to check her e-mails. Snorkeled at Cemetery Reef, Public Beach, Sunrise Reef, Sunset Reef, Stingray Sandbar (with Soto's) and Governor's Reef.

Another long trip report. On the island for a friend's wedding. Stayed at the Westin. Following Scott's recommendations, ate out at Calypso Grill, Eats Café, Reef Grill, Pizza & Ribs and Smuggler's Cove, Visited Stingray City Sandbar.

Very long and comprehensive trip report! Stayed at Turtle Beach Villas. Snorkeled at Treasure Island Reef, Cemetery Reef, Stingray City and Reef (with Captain Dexter) and Eden Rock. Ate out at Calypso Grill, Reef Grill, Lazy Lizard, Deckers, Billy Bones, Naked Fish, Ristorante Pappagallo, Crow's Nest, The Wharf, Smuggler's Cove, Rum Point, Chicken Chicken!, drinks at the Royal Palms, East Café and The Peninsular. Rented a car from Andy's, and went out on waverunners from Red Sail Sports, on a fishing charter with Captain Asley, diving with Divers Down, and parasailing with Cloud Dancer Tours.

Stayed at Sunshine Suites. Visited the islands on a tight budget, so tended to do their own catering. However, ate out at Comfort Inn, and The Peninsula at the Marriott, Ferdinand's and Cassanova's. Visited Stingray City with Captain Dexter. Rented bikes from Coconut's to visit Hell and the Turtle Farm.

Stayed at the Villas of The Galleon condos. Rented a car from Andy's. Got married (arranged through Cayman Weddings) on the beach in West Bay. Ate out at Eats, The Wharf, and the Canton Restaurant. Trips included parasailing, and riding with Pampered Ponies. Sunday snorkeling trip to Stingray City etc with Cayman Delight (included lunch).

Stayed at Treasure Island. Rented a cary from Andy's. Visited the Botanic Garden, Hell, the Turtle Farm and Rum Point. Snorkeled at Treasure Island, the Wreck of the Gamma and Smith's Cove. Ate out at Big Daddy's, Chicken Chicken! and the Cracked Conch.

Brief trip report. They went snorkeling at Cemetery Reef, Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto. Visited Stingray City with Captain Marvin’s, hiked the Mastic Trail and visited Rum Point. Includes a selection of almost 40 photos.

Stayed at the Westin and Villas of the Galleon. Rented a car from Avis/Cico. Ate out ate Ristorante Ragazzi, Lobster Pot, Deckers, Lone Star Bar and Grill, Café Mediterraneo, Athena's Vesuvios, Chicken Chicken! and Cimboco and Eats. Went shopping at Fosters. Visited the Blow Holes, San Pedro's Castle, Stingray City (with Captain Dexter) and Hell. Went windsurfing at Morritt's Tortuga and snorkeling at Governors Reef, Eden Rock and Cemetery Reef

Originally booked in at the Marriott, but was disappointed with the state of the hotel and beach and managed to get a transfer to the Westin. Ate out at Deckers, Reef Grill, The Wharf (didn't like it), Bamboo (at the Hyatt), The Brasserie, Chicken Chicken!, Lazy Lizard, Britania Golf Club, Smugglers Cove, Ferdinands at the Westin, and Sunday Brunch at the Westin. Went snorkeling with Captain Marvin's and Captain Dexter's to Stingray City. Visisted Rum Point (thought it was overcrowded).

Stayed at his old Caymanian home in West Bay that he is renovating, and at London House. Went horse riding with Pampered Ponies, and ate out at The Wharf and the Reef Grill at the Royal Palms. Report includes links to lots of photos, including some from Tim's snorkeling and dives (including Stingray City).

Stayed at the Westin. Ate out at Calypso Grill at Morgans Cove, The Wharf, Eats, Paradise Cafe. Suggests the Royal Palms for night life.

Stayed at the Westin. Ate out at Reef Grill, Smugler's Cove, The Wharf, Lone Star Bar & Grill, Chicken! Chicken!, and Eats. Hired a car from Budget. Went on the Atlantis submarine, and snorkeling with Captain Marvin's to Stingray City, and for music to Legendz and the Royal Palms.

Stayed at Turtle Nest Inn. Ate out at Driftwood's BBQ, Wood's Jerk stand, Durty Reids. Went snorkeling with Captain Dexter's and to Cemetery Reef and Smith's Cove.

Includes photos of some of the planes, beach scenes and his diving trips

Mainly photos of their trip to Stingray City

Stayed at Georgetown Villas at the south end of Seven Mile Beach. Diving with Fisheye at Eye of the Needle, Paradise Reef West, Trinity Caves, Governor’s Reef, Eagle’s Nest, Mesa and Stingray City. With Treasure Island Divers went to Aquarium, Oro Verde the wreck of the Balboa as a night dive. Ate out at the Thai Orchid and Cimboco

By Tom Uhlenbrock of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Stayed at the Little Cayman Beach Resort and went diving with Reef Divers

Some great underwater photos by John Vaughn and Brenda Bailey

Stayed at a condo at the Anchorage. Snorkeled at Eden Rock, the reef off Paradise Grill, the reef off Seaview hotel, and Stingray Sandbar with Captain Marvin Ebanks. Ate out at Eats, Chicken Chicken! and Bella Capri.

Stayed at Treasure Island Resort. Includes some snokeling suggestions

Trip report to Cayman Brac by professional photographer Paul Ashton, so includes some good photos!

  • Trip reports by Dave Read

He has a number of trip reports: Little Cayman in 1999 at, Cayman Brac in July 1997 at and Grand Cayman in December 2001 at

See also Part 2, Part 4, Part 5. He also has photos taken from eight videos taken in Cayman is 2001.

Brief details of his trip, staying at Indies Suites and diving with Divers Down, including some photos

  • Manross Photo Album

Photos of their various trips: Little Cayman 1999, Grand Cayman January 1994, Grand Cayman April 1995, Grand Cayman October 1995 and Grand Cayman April 1999

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 1999

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, November 1998

Trip report from some divers that also visited the tourist attractions, with some underwater photos

Brief details of his trip, including some photos

Hell and the Turtle Farm

Includes a page of great underwater photos

Not much details, but some good photos!

Philip Greenspun's journal with some good photos

Other Collections of Trip Reports

Selection of reports from the media and individuals - from

So far only reviews about five places to stay in Cayman

Moderated and rated collection of trip reports and reviews of visitors to Cayman

Message board for scuba divers going to Cayman. Includes previous trip reports.


From Most recent report is 2003

Photo albums

(See also Cameras & Photography as some of the local photographers include photos of Cayman in their portfolios)

There are links to a number of sites hosting photos of the damage caused by Hurricane Ivan and the recovery efforts on my news page at Hurricane Ivan Resources

She has more photos at Caribbean Sunsets, Grand Cayman Turtles, { Sunsets in the Western Caribbean from Grand Cayman], Caribbean skies, Tropical shoreline: Grand Cayman's Ironshore coast, Caribbean "stuff", Flowers, Warm, tropical waters and Beaches

A selection of birds and butterfly photos taken by Don Cohen during his trip to Cayman in June 2003 (including a very good one of a Cayman Parrot). He has some other photos of Cayman nature at

Video Clips from Cayman Brac. Regularly updated with interesting content for prospective visitors and locals.

Over 250 albums at the last count

Selection of videos showing some of Cayman's beautiful beaches.

A collection of over 100 photos around Cayman from


A collection of photos from Kathy Ward's strip to Cayman in 2000, including Stingray City, the Nautilus, Treasure Island, etc

Photos contributed to this site

Mainly showing how the beach suites and facilities look post Ivan

Collection of photos taken in December 2003

Photos of their wedding on the beach and from around Cayman

Video Clips from Little Cayman regularly updated.

Good selection of old photos (60's, 50's and earlier) as well

See images form the island's premier events!

Bit quirky navigation, but several hundred photos taken my members of the Virtual Tourist network. Includes the ability to send a photo as an e-mail postcard

About 40 weather-related photographs (storms, sunsets, etc), but also one or two of Stingrays!

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