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Be aware: Cayman Islands Law demands that bars and nightclubs shut down on midnight on Saturday, as no live music or DJs and dancing are prohibited on Sundays.

Bars to check out (Last call usually between 12am and 12:45):

Aquabeach Calico Jacks (on Public Beach) Coconut Joe's Bed Macabuca (bar @ Cracked Conch - West Bay) Gillians (To Play Pool) Billy Bones Pool Bar (@ Treasure Island Resort)

Nightclubs (Last Call @ 2AM, Closed @ 3AM:

O Bar Next Level District 6

There are links to some of the nightlubs on the Businesses Directory page under Restaurants/Bars. Also worth checking out: Royal Palms on the Friday or Saturday night (island music/reggae/soca), Sunset House for Friday Happy Hour (popular singles bar), Bed, Lonestar Bar and Grill, Hard Rock Café. For something more laid back, check out Barefoot Man at Royal Reef Resorts in the East End.

Buy the Friday issue of the Caymanian Compass; at CI$0.75 it may be your cheapest expense on the island. The Friday edition has lots of adverts for Happy Hours and Sunday brunches.

There is some general info about nightlife at advertises itself as "The Cayman Islands entertainment E-zine" and list forthcoming events.

One general bit of advice when eating out is to go where the Caymanians go. The easy way to identify this is to look at the car registration plates in the car parks - the meaning of the various colour combinations are in the table below.

Colour Meaning
Black numbers on Yellow Background Private vehicles
Black numbers on Orange Background Commercial vehicles
Black numbers on White Background Hire/Rental vehicles
Red numbers on White Background Taxis
White numbers on Blue Background Minibuses
White numbers on Red Background Tour busses
Dark blue 'DV' numbers on a White Background Disabled Vehicle

Even though the Quincentennial celebrations are over, and vehicles are meant to be re-registered, there may still be some vehicles sporting the Quincentennial celebrations number plate; these are white numbers with a Q prefix on light blue/dark blue background, or the newer dark blue numbers on a light blue background.
There are a number of personalised number plates (I've seed "RS" and "GORDON"), but these also follow the above colour scheme.

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