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Employment/jobs/residency in Cayman

The most comprehensive guide available for relocating, living, moving and working in the Cayman Islands can be found online at This site is regularly updated and runs to approximately 200 pages if printed!

If you think you'd just like to live on the islands then check-out the information on residency at

The Cayman Islands government has just launched an Immigration web site at It is intended primarily for local businesses to help them through the new immigration laws, but all of the Immigration Forms for Work Permit Applications are available online. The main part of Government web site at also has information on permanent residency.

Note that for any work permit applications for over 6 months, the prospective employee should be off the islands whilst the permit is being processed.

The best bit of advice that I can give is to get a subscription to one of the daily local newspapers: The Caymanian Compass ( or Cayman Net News ( The rules mean that all jobs have to be advertised to make sure that there are no Caymanians to fill them before a company is allowed to appoint an ex-pat. Most adverts appear in the Friday edition and both are readable online.

There are also a couple of commercial sites that may help you. Firstly, I can sell you the GoToCayman Guide (previously sold as the Hot-Life Guide) to help you find a job and relocate to the islands. It's 90+ pages feature:

  • Employers and contact information for businesses and industries that hire most from overseas,
  • Detailed and clear explanation of immigration rules and the work permit system,
  • Lists of required documents for employers and immigration,
  • Methods for finding a job in the Cayman Islands,
  • Starting salary and experience expectations for the most common jobs,
  • Housing information - including the cost of rent,
  • Transportation options and costs,
  • How to get there and what to bring,
  • Start-up costs,
  • Tips for saving money, and much more.

I have recently revised it and am now selling it at the bargain price of US$5. If you are interested in purchasing the Guide, please e-mail me at .

Check also the page of Employment agencies

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