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Importing food into Cayman

Some discussions group encourage people to take their own pre-packed (sealed) food to Cayman in freezer bags or ice chests. The Tourist Board advise that visitors are allowed to bring meat into the islands, but you may be charged duty if the value is over US$35 per person, or the quantity exceeds what customs consider to a reasonable amount for personal consumption. Meat should be preferably be packed and sealed as sold in supermarkets, and may have to be inspected by an official from the Department of Agriculture.

The ban on the importation of US bone-in meats imposed in December 2003 following a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE or 'mad-cow disease') has been lifted. Personal imports of meat up to 5kg for personal consumption will now be allowed providing the original packaging is intact and the packaging bears the USDA inspection legend.

When I checked with the Department of Agriculture ( on the general rules for importing foods, they sent me three Word 97 documents. The first was an application form for the importation of plants and the other two were the rules and regulations on the importation of plants and plant products and meat and meat products. Here are the links to these documents:

Check under Living costs in the FAQ for the price of some basic foodstuffs from the supermarkets on the island.

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