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Cayman for Cruise Ship passengers

Top attractions/sights

Stingray City

There are two sites that often get confused - Stingray City (the best 12 foot dive in the world), and Stingray City Sandbar (where the water is only waist deep). Both sites are just inside breaks in the barrier reef in the North Sound. These shallow waters provided shelter to fisherman, who would anchor here to clean and gut their catches. The waste would be chucked overboard, thus attracting the rays. With all this feeding, the rays have now become very tame, and can be petted and fed - for more information check out this resource:

How to get there? Don't ask a taxi driver to get you there! The cruise lines will try to sell you a package to go to Stingray City Sandbar, but be aware that you are likely to be on a boat with several hundred other visitors. Much better to make your own arrangements to get there. Both Captain Dexter's and Captain Marvin's have good reputations (check some of the trip reports). Please tell them you were recommended through the web site! There are links to other watersports operators in the Businesses Directory pages under Watersports.

Cayman Turtle Farm

The only commercial turtle farm in the world. Set towards the north end of Seven Mile Beach. Thousands of turtles from hatchlings to 600lbs. It is also occasionally possible to take part in their turtle release program. Check out their web site (including web-cams) at If you want to try turtle meat, then visit the Cracked Conch by the Sea Restaurant next door.

The Turtle Farm is the centre of the new Botswain Beach attraction including the turtle tanks, snorkel lagoons, aviary, predator tanks, nature rail and local arts and crafts - see their new website at

Some of the turtles that are released each year are tagged - you can check their progress at 2003 releases, 2004 releases, 2005 releases and 2006 releases

Seven Mile Beach

Six and a half miles of beautiful sand! Firstly, everything below the high water line is "public" under Cayman law. However, that doesn't count for much of the beach area, so cruise ships will sell you packages to make use of the beach facilities at a number of hotels/resorts. Some of the hotels seem to patrol their areas asking if you are a resident, or other proof of your right to be there - this is especially true if the beach area looks crowded!

I think you have in effect three options:
1) go with the cruise package
2) gate crash one of the big hotels (the Westin has good beach facilities). Take your own towels, as they will ask to see your room key or get you to sign against a room number for any hotel towels.
3) go to Public Beach. This is an area about half way along Seven Mile Beach. It has rest rooms and there are usually a few stalls selling food, but obviously there will be no beach beds, so bring your own towels.

Best way to get to any of these is to use the Public Minibus service - see the FAQ under Public Transport.


A village in the West Bay area famed for it 'forest' of ironshore. A bit of a disappointment really, except for the ability to say you have been to Hell and returned! The Post Office franks cards and letters with a "Hell" postmark. If you want to see what ironshore looks like (and save yourself a few dollars), then check out the area around the blowholes, or the north coast of West Bay.

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden

65 acres of flora and fauna including examples of the Cayman Blue Iguana and Cayman Parrot. For more information, check out their web site at

Pedro St. James

Considered to be the birthplace of democracy in Cayman. Includes a number of buildings in a 19th century style and multimedia theatre presenting a twenty-minute film on the history of Pedro St. James and the history of the Cayman Islands. For more information, check out their web site at

Other information

Cayman is a British Crown Colony, and as such follow the many laws and standards of the UK. In particular, take care crossing roads as all vehicles drive on the left-hand side.

If you want some one to organize your shore excursions, check out or some of the Tour companies in the Businesses Directory

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